Sunday, January 29, 2017


There was a new shawl hanging in the Prism booth at TNNA. I took a picture but I couldn't get a good picture. Here it is.
Three strands of slender, silky Delicato team up in varying color combinations to create this dramatic wrap.

You take charge, changing color gradually and at will.

Laura's colour combinations are amazing. The kits should be arriving mid-February.

Lynda knit this Eccentric Wrap for us and I have knit the kit as well. There will be more colours coming. These kits are more tonal. Our kits are not coming with 6 skeins. Ours will have 7. This makes the wrap a bit bigger. Or it is perfect for Find Your Fade.

The kit will have 1330 yards of yarn. A bit less than Find Your Fade calls for but the shawl is huge and most people wouldn't mind it a big smaller.

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