Monday, September 11, 2006

Finally some pictures

Dylan-all done. Beth wanted to wear it at the Knitter's Fair but I wouldn't let her.

I went to the Canadian Open with my dad on Thursday and then again yesterday afternoon. It was nice to sit in the grass, relax and watch some great golf.

The Knitter's Fair was crazy busy. During the day over 1800 people went through the show. It is always a great day to see people that you haven't seen in a while. It is always interesting to see what sells. I think that something will be a hit and it doesn't move and then something else sells out.

We got the vans unloaded yesterday and this morning and are now repacking boxes for the Gone Stitchin' Weekend. The store is so full that customers can barely get in the door.

My Expedition still hasn't arrived. The dealership was going to rent me an Expedition to drive for the next week. Beth and I went to Enterprise to pick it up and they didn't have an Expedition but there was an Explorer for me. Unfortunately it isn't big enough to cart all my stuff up to the weekend so I had to switch to a Freestar. Trust me, I am not happy. If I wanted to drive a Freestar I would have bought one.

Barry from Trendsetter is coming to teach at our weekend and is arriving tomorrow night. We are having dinner with him to celebrate his birthday. Then, Bev Galeskas from Fiber Trends arrives from Seattle on Wednesday so another trip back to Toronto for dinner again. Enterprise isn't going to be happy with how many km are going on the vehicle this week.

Not sure that there will be another post until after the weekend. The next couple of days are crazy making up kits, packing boxes and making sure that I have everything for the fashion show.


Samantha said...

Dylan looks great!

Unknown said...

I think that Enterprise is going to be thrilled with the kilometerage - the dealership will probably be annoyed. But it serves them right for dragging their heels on this and sticking you with the Freestar.

Have a great Getaway!!!

Alisha said...

The sweater is so great. I need to add that to my list of "to knits".