Sunday, March 12, 2006

Not much knitting

I didn't get much knitting done over the weekend. Saturday night we babysat Melo's half brother Rex. They kept sitting on me while I was knitting so it was easier to put it away. The afghan is almost done-maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday afternoon Beth and I are flying to Myrtle Beach for 5 days of golfing. I am trying to decide what to take for knitting. I know that there won't be time but must take something just in case. If the pattern for Jane Slicer-Smith's afghan is ready I will be taking it. It uses Trendsetter Dune, Checkmate, Marrakech, and Merino Otto. Nothing like a project that uses 8 different colours-won't leave much room for clothes.


Rhonda said...

Love the colours! Have a nice holiday.

Unknown said...

space in bag: this is why SOME people like to travel with socks ! i think you'll have to wear all your clothes at the same time when you leave. they won't be fitting in your suitcase !

Unknown said...

news! my big bottle of
"soak" has just arrived!
mittens are soaking now. will report back.

Samantha said...

Have a great trip, Julie! :)

Julie said...

Thanks everyone. I will try and write while I am away.