Monday, July 16, 2018

Adjusting the sleeves

I'm not sure that I can wait until tomorrow to see the new Hedgehog colours. We will be getting one box in the morning. The second box is still caught in customs. I will update the website after the box is unpacked and I'll keep watching the Canada Post website - maybe the second box will be released tomorrow.

I borrowed some pictures from Hedgehog Fibres. Here are Anime and Hawk on Skinny Singles.
There wasn't as much knitting accomplished as I had planned today. Okay, make that no knitting so far today. I needed to spend time updating the website. I totally forgot to add the new Cocoknit's bamboo cable needles to the website.
  • This array of Bamboo Cable Needles are used for holding stitches while working cables in your designs. When not in use, place them on your Maker's Keep magnetic bracelet - the smooth nickel-plated steel band is designed to cling to any magnet.
    Needles can also be used to pick up stitches when using the Cocoknits Method of sweater construction.
    The small needles are also handy for picking up stitches when using the Cocoknits Method of sweater construction.
    Set includes one each of five sizes:
    • US 2/2.75mm
    • US 4/3.5 mm
    • US 6/4 mm
    • US 9/5.5 mm
    • US 10.75/6.75 mm
    I was up early and out of the door to do some work at the store. I washed the floors. No, I won't win any competitions for the job I did but it is much better than it was.

  • Now it's time to knit - I'm at the cuff on the first sleeve. Small problem. I knit the sleeve too long. I kept going and going not realizing that the cuff is 32 rows long. I'm going to adjust the cuff to make up for it. 

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