Sunday, February 25, 2018

Starting Point

It's been a knitting day and I think I will make my goal of finishing Starting Point by next weekend.
This amazing wrap is worked from both ends towards the centre with a super fun chevron construction, and joined as you work (no seaming or kitchener required!).
You start the shawl by working two identical pieces. I finished my second piece this morning and now they are joined. I'm working both sides at the same time because I'm worried about running out of the multi-coloured beige (that I'm working with now) and the purple which comes almost at the end. I don't think I would be happy to finish one side and then realize that the second side couldn't match.

The rows are getting shorter and shorter which means that they are going faster and faster.
It's almost bed time so I had better get this posted. Here is the join with a few more rows.

Someone is tired. Dad had her at the Bark Park this morning. Some of her friends were there so she was busy running around. It was 28C in Myrtle Beach today. Lucy isn't used to the heat. And she's pretty lazy :)

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