Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Playing with Colour

Mr. Canada Post brought in a big box from Freia Fibers this morning.
There were 2 balls of Shawl Ball for the Food Drive baskets. One ball of Ember and one ball of River. Thank you Tina!
The new colours are amazing.
Orchid is a lavish saturated purple that fades into a rich amethyst, light soft pink and palest of silvers. I think this is one of the best purples we've ever done, eminently wearable for all skin tones, soft, feminine yet strong.
Our second new color this season is Point Reyes, an homage to a local shoreline here in the San Francisco Area. This lovely color starts with a deep steely blue, into a midnight blue/black, then charcoal and linen. A truly unisex color with universal appeal.  
I showed Cathy's Non Troppo (pattern purchased on Ravelry) last week.
This perfect wrap for coolish summer evenings is knitted on the bias, generous, asymmetrical, striped – and has both textural playfulness and flair.  
Choose somber or wild colours as you please and settle into some soothingly simple knitting. 
non troppo just could be the perfect commuter or read-while-you’re-knitting knit – nothing complicated is going on (and goes on for quite a while).
I put together some colour combinations this morning.
Rowan Kidsilk Haze 582 (you need 3 balls) and Freia Merino Lace Pt. Reyes (you need one ball)
678 and Orchid
 579 and Flare
Lynn was inspired by Cathy's shawl and is making one for herself.

A customer and I had a few conversations this morning about colours for Squared - the new poncho pattern from Hedgehog (free on Ravelry)

These colours are very close to the colours in the picture. The customer isn't a pastel person so I made a few changes.
I like how these go together. Oh no, not another new project :)

Lynda emailed me a picture this afternoon. The Colorburst Baby Blanket is blocking and it should be in the store next week. Perfect timing - the yarn should be here at the same time.
Hey dad - what's in the bag? I'm hungry!!

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