Wednesday, February 28, 2018

One of a Kind

I ordered some interesting yarn baskets yesterday. They should be in the store a week Friday - March 9.
These baskets are one of a kind. We might be able to get the same colour again but there is no guarantee.
The pricing is going to depend on the shipping charges but I'm guessing the large basket on the left is going to be around $225. It is large - Christine at Aalta Yarns told me that it will easily hold 10-100gram skeins. It is a basket to sit beside your knitting chair. The smaller baskets are great for carrying around projects.
They are a sturdy and stylish storage solution, or an elegant way to take your knitting on the go.

We have a new fingering weight from Urth Yarns called Harvest Fingering.
The Harvest range is composed of 23 wonderfully rich hues with a signature earthy feel. Naturally hand dyed using roots, fruits, and nuts, harvest is the perfect base to incorporate additional variegated shades or beautiful on its own.
Not all the colours arrived but we are hoping to see them soon. Because the yarns are naturally dyed, some colours can be hard to get. There can also be colour variation between shipments. More rain one year or no rain can change the colour of the dyes. More sun on one side of the field can cause the dyes to be different.

There wasn't a lot of knitting last night. Four rows. I spent time updating the website, starting on this blog post, a bit of accounting and I needed to work on a Hedgehog order. They are going to be dying my next order soon which is good news because we are out of colours that aren't in the shipment that should be here any day. I also had to make a trip to the grocery store. Ancaster Community Services posted that they were in desperate need for food for their food bank. The back of the Edge was full.

Beth is flying home from Myrtle Beach tonight so I'm driving to Niagara Falls to pick her up. We'll get home just in time to watch the season premiere of Survivor. I should get some knitting accomplished then.

It looks like winter is coming back for a visit. A possible 10-20cm of snow tomorrow night. YUCK. If we get as much as they say then the store could open a bit late on Friday morning. I could be digging out.

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