Tuesday, February 27, 2018

New Colours

Ms. UPS brought in two boxes from Mrs. Crosby and Lorna's Laces this morning. The new colours are awesome!

Carina's Afterglow is beautiful. We have it in Shepherd Sport for Cold Roses. We also have it in Solemate.

The new colours from Mrs. Crosby are really nice. What do I want to make??
Prance, Saunter, Traipse and Jaunt. Satchel is the base that I chose for my pictures. This is a single-ply, 100% wool fingering weight yarn.

I put together some colour combinations.
Saunter, African Grey, Wild Huckleberry
Jaunt, Hosta Blue, Great Tailed Grackle
 Jaunt, Creme Fraiche, Saunter
 Creme Fraiche, Prance, French Chambray
Creme Fraiche, Traipse, French Chambray

There were 3 kits for the Food Drive

So I stayed up later than I had planned last night because I had to see how the new colour was going to play.
I'm at the twisted rib. And not knit one through the back loop, purl one. This is knit through the back loop and purl through the back loop. It is so slow making it the one part of the shawl that I really dislike. It looks good but I can't do it quickly.

Someone had fun playing in the yard this morning.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, I love the bag that the yarn is in. Did it come with the yarn or did you add it?

Julie said...

Peggy - Mrs. Crosby sent the yarn in the bag. Wait until you see the baskets I'm blogging about today. We'll have them next week. You are going to want one :)