Friday, February 09, 2018

Lilli Pilli

I cast on but didn't get very far. 16 stripes. I need 50 stripes before starting the lace.

Earlier this week I bought a new MacBook. Mine was old. And had been dropped many times. And was so slow that I wanted to rip my hair out. I spent way too many hours today trying to add my last email account to it. It was one that I forgot about until this afternoon. I'm home now and finally got it. Finally. They kept asking for my name which I put in but they meant my email. Now I can get back to my knitting.

Make sure to check your inbox - a newsletter went out this afternoon.

Ambah O'Brien has a new pattern out. Meet Lovella (purchased on Ravelry)
Be still my heart. Lovella has all the suggestions of a lacy valentine. With contrasting colours in garter row stripes and a delightfully simple section of eyelet, it forms a substantial shawl that curves like an embrace around the shoulders. This charming design in DK weight yarn is quick to knit and begs to be cast on more than once. Knit one for yourself in your favorite colours, then make another for a loved one, tie it up with a ribbon, and send it as a hug.

I think I should have picked this for my Olympic knitting. It is knit in DK weight on 4.5mm needles. That goes a lot faster than 3.75mm.

It's bed time soon. Short track speed skating is on at 5am.

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