Monday, December 04, 2017

New Hedgehog Colours

It's early in Vegas. Only 7:30. Beth is on her way downstairs and I'm writing for a few minutes because I have some exciting news. I received an email on Friday that our next Hedgehog order will be going into production next week. This morning I received an email with new colours. Yes - 12 new colours. All 12 will be in the shipment in Sock and Skinny Singles.

Last night we went to see the Vegas Golden Knights play. What a game. They won in overtime.

There are many fun activities before the game starts.

At least 75% of the people at the game had on jerseys. It was a loud, fun crowd.

The full moon last night looked really cool hanging in the sky over The Venetian.

Here are a few more pictures from The Conservatory.

Now it's time to head downstairs. The mall is calling us.

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