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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Happy Sunday

I borrowed this picture from the Freia Fibers Instagram feed. Tina made the Sonoma Scarf with 2 balls of Shawl Ball. I love it. The scarf was originally knit in lace weight (we have two samples in the store). We need this as a store sample. Alex just finished a project so she'll be able to start this week.

Wannietta has been busy.
Born Trippy is growing. She's lightly blocked it as well. The stitches weren't lying flat and it was bothering her. How can you block part way through a project? Lie a damp towel on it. When the towel dries your knitting will look flatter.

I made it to the sixth colour on Find Your Fade. I have just under two weeks to finish the shawl if I'm going to take it to TNNA.

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