Sunday, January 22, 2017

More from TNNA

This show stopper was in the Freia Fibers booth. One of the ladies who works there knit it. It is made from balls of yarn that Tina dyed and then rejected. Amazing!
I've shown pictures of the So Fond of Rainbows pack from Frabjous Fibers. This amazing cardigan is knit from The Cheshire Cat version - it's fingering weight. The pattern will be available in a few weeks.
The cardigan was sitting on a chair. I asked if it could be modeled. Fabulous.
If the brights are a bit too bright for you, don't forget about the new pack.
There will be four new colours coming from Mrs. Crosby. She has been busy in the dye studio. They are asking to be added into a Find Your Fade.
It was a long day and I'm in the room for the night. The day was exciting and I want to show you all the great pictures. I'm afraid that I might get caught up in the football tomorrow so I'm posting early. 

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Candice said...

That cardigan . . . .!!!!!