Monday, January 30, 2017

Big Box of Hedgehog

It's been a long evening working on the computer. Accounting. :( My post is going to be quick because I can barely focus.

Here's a little teaser from a shipment that should be arriving soon.
Turf, Jezebel and Tidepool

Mr. Canada Post made a visit this morning. Hedgehog is here!

The Potluck colours are great. I'll have them on the website tomorrow.

Now I need to choose my colours for the Ambah O'Brien Mystery KAL. An email came from Ambah this evening with some notes on the KAL including
How should I arrange my colours?
While all of the colours are used equally in the project, CC2 will be the best choice for the colour you'd like to dominate overall. It is perfect if MC and CC1 work well together and use CC2 to contrast against these two.
MC: Can be a soft/subtle or bolder contrast to CC1, either a solid or variegated will work here.
CC1: The perfect place for your speckle skein, if you are using one. A solid/ semi solid or variegated will also work well here, if you are using 2 variegated skeins they will be best placed here and for MC.
CC2: Best for a solid/ semi solid skein. Great to have this colour contrast or be darker/lighter than MC and CC1. Perfect for a bold colour choice or a dark or light neutral.
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Beth was Lucy sitting today. They started out in the office but someone wasn't on her best behaviour. The other dogs caught her attention and she wouldn't leave them alone. Then the cleaning ladies came. And there were meetings going on. Beth packed Lucy up and brought her to our house.
It seems that she is pretty comfortable here.

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