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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Vacation Knitting

I did a few rows last night and this morning. I woke up later than expected this morning and went downstairs for breakfast. I considered room service for a few minutes. Then there was paperwork. Website updates that I've been putting off but they are done. This afternoon I had good intentions. Instead I napped for 3 hours. 
The colours don't grade on this one but I think the finished look is going to be good. The next colour is a brighter blue. Then teal and I finish with lime.
Sarah is almost finished. I might need to do her colours next. It is a Party of Five kit in the colourway Swell. 
Mom sent this picture as dad and I were driving to the airport. Lucy got herself stuck under the bed looking for a ball. Mom had to pull her out.
Beth sent this tonight. She was Lucy sitting. Her caption "I don't want Lucy to go to Myrtle Beach". I don't think she has a choice. I love going away but it will be good getting home tomorrow night. I miss having a dog sleep in bed with me. 

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