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Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy Halloween. We forgot about jack o' lanterns so Beth bought pumpkins this morning. There wasn't a lot of selection and there definitely wasn't time to carve. She bought eyes at Party Packagers and got out her Sharpie. The eyes light up but the picture didn't turn out.

Last year we didn't have many kids. This year has been different. It's like they came by bus. There has been so many that Beth is standing on the front porch to hand out candy. There was no sense coming in because she'd close the door and more kids were here.

Mr Canada Post was at the store bright and early with two boxes. The first was from Cocoknits.

The Small Stitch Markers are so cute.
These are the mini version of our popular ring stitch markers. They are brightly colored and easily seen when marking rounds, increases, decreases, and stitch patterns. Made of nylon coated steel. Stitch markers accommodate up to US 7 / 4.5mm needle.

Stitch Stoppers
Colorful EVA foam plugs that slide all the way onto needles (not just on the tip) to secure your stitches. They also slip onto interchangeable needle cords to keep your stitches from sliding off while you try on your top-down garment or use your needles elsewhere.

Small Stitch Stoppers work for cords and needles up to size US 8 / 5mm.
Yarn Snips
This rustic, one-piece snip is made of forged black steel and comes packaged in a kraft tube for easy portability and storage. 4" in length.

See all the notions...

The second box was from Blue Sky Fibers. Lots and lots of Woolstok.
Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok is strong and sturdy and gently plied. Shows off pattern and texture in crisp relief, making it an ideal yarn for these warm cabled accessories. Surprisingly soft, lofty and light - you can almost feel the lanolin in this select 100% Peruvian Fine Highland Wool. A wonderfully expansive palette of twenty-one colors inspired by the craggy, unspoiled terrain of Peru.
Last week when it was really cold out I wore the Endless Wrap. I love it.

I think I really need it in 1309 Earth Ivy. I'm not a green person but this colour is calling me.

Beth has come in three times now for more chocolate. We're on the last box - I hope the kids start to slow down. I have a small pile set aside for myself and I'm afraid that Beth is going to take them.

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