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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cactus Flower

I have been looking at Cactus Flower pashmina for weeks wondering what I was going to make with it.
We thought we were packed for the Fleece Festival when I decided that we needed to take pashmina as well. The Cactus Flower was talking to me again. There are two pashmina samples in the store so we are set.
Pattern: Thendara (purchased on Ravelry)
You need two colours of pashmina - one skein each.

A Stephen West design from 2011 but still very current.
I don’t think anyone can have too many shawls so I returned to one of my favorite construction methods to whip up this graphic top-down design. Two colors are worked with increases to form a triangle and then two additional locations of increases are added, which transform the shape into a unique piece of architectural knitting. The extra fabric formed by the increases causes the shawl to drape beautifully whether it is resting across the shoulders or tossed around the neck.

Pattern: Shalimar (purchased on Ravelry)
This awesome wrap took 3 three skeins and was designed by another of my favourite designers - Laura Aylor.
Lace and cables combine to create beautiful curves in this lace stole. A luxury blend of yarn makes this a truly opulent knit.

Shalimar is knit all in one piece from end to end with a knotted fringe that is added last.
I had to decide which colours to take but that was tough so we are taking quite a few.

Now we are packed and the printing is done. Once my tea is finished it's bed time. Tomorrow is a long day and Saturday is even longer.

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