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Saturday, March 05, 2016


Wannietta knit a vest for the store called Seeder out of Noro Kureyon. The pattern is in the book Tribute to Noro by Claudia Wersing. Lynn looks scared here. Or maybe cold. We took these pictures a few weeks ago when it was freezing here.
 You can wear the vest many different ways.

And it's always fun to knit in Noro. The colours are bright and keep changing. You don't get bored.

House of Cards didn't start last night. We have a bad habit of watching an episode and then saying, "One more" which usually means two or three more and then it's 4am. I thought it was best that wake up and open the store this morning.

I watched a cool video on Facebook this morning. When your pattern says Knit 5 together, there is a moment of panic. How am I going to get my needle through all the stitches at once? And what if you are a tight knitter? There is no way. Watch this video and you'll never worry again.

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Sally said...

Those colours are amazing!
So Julie, when you watch House of Cards do you binge watch? We are doing it one day at a time which is hard but, my goodness Robin and Kevin do NOT make it easy. FANTASTIC show.