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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Off for a few days

The Crazy Magic Boomerang is growing. I'm also working on the Liberty Mighty Miters Throw at the same time.

Beth called me this afternoon and asked what I'm doing for the next few days. There was nothing important planned. Why? Flights to Myrtle Beach were cheap so I'm off tomorrow night. I'll be there for a few days by myself and then mom and dad arrive Friday night. I'll have their house full of groceries and dinner ready for them. They might expect that treatment from now on. I don't need to pack much. I have clothes there. Toiletries are there. I need my makeup. Computer. iPad. Headphones. Knitting. That is the problem. I need two balls of Zauberball 100 for my Boomerang but I sold the second ball. I'm take the shawl and going as far as I can. Then I have another partly finished shawl packed that was started on a previous trip to Myrtle. I'll be back in the store on Tuesday but will be checking emails while I'm away. We will still be shipping as well. Lynn and Beth will get the parcels to the post office. The only bad thing about going this week is that the weather here is going to be great. The mustang could come out and play. Actually, it probably will come out to play - Beth will be driving it.

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