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Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday

I hope everyone had a Good Friday. My afternoon has been spent quilting. My big decision for the day - do I keep quilting or knit tonight?

The Fiberstory order that arrived earlier this week included Gradient Kits. I forgot how nice the colours are.

This pattern is called the Crosshatch Cowl (a free pattern) from The Purl Bee.

Sarah (the creator of the kits) made the following modifications to the pattern to work with the gradient kits.
In order to use the gradient kit most effectively, I used the following modifications:
Cast on 372 sts with darkest color in gradient. (would obviously work starting with the lightest color, as well!
color 1: Work 5 rounds in pattern
colors 2-6: Work 6 rounds.
color 7: Work 5 rounds.
Bind off in pattern.
The cast on and bind off rows are counted as the 6th round for the lightest and darkest colors, making each band of color approximately 6 rows wide.
Sarah used an 8mm needle.

A few minutes of work (making signs for the shelves in the store because we moved yarn around) and then it's time to relax.

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