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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Five Crowns

It was a great day in Myrtle with my parents. Breakfast out at Cracker Barrel is a tradition on Sunday mornings. I came home to finish my shawl and then went to their house to watch golf with dad. We had dinner out and then played cards. Someone introduced them to Five Crowns and they are addicted. They play every evening. Anywhere from two to eight can play. (Here is a website that describes the game) It was a lot of fun and if you like cards you will like this game. Dad won. Mom lost. She was pouting when I left to come home.
 The sunset from their back yard.
My shawl is finished. I decided to stop at one ball. This way we can show how big it is and if you want it bigger you can used two balls.

Laundry is in. The house is mostly clean. I'm packed and it's time to knit. Of course I have another project with me.

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