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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Crazy Magic

Knitting blogsLynn emailed last night very excited. My blog is in the Top 100 Knitting Blogs.
Are you presently scouring the web looking for inspirational knitting patterns,  creative knitting designs, yarn information, or book reviews? We have selected the 100 best knitting and crocheting blogs for you to explore in your quest for the best patterns and techniques on offer. These blogs are ranked high by google, actively updated and their posts are shared extensively on social networks.

Knitting Blogs are a great way to become involved in the knitting community. Knitting blogs are where knitters share their knitting projects, additions to their yarn stashes, struggles with techniques, and their everyday lives. Cultivating a collection of knitting blogs to read is like having an online knitting group. Better knitting blogs feature regular updates, frequent use of photography, and try to connect with current trends and events.

The Crazy Magic Boomerang (pattern purchased on Ravelry) was knit last fall in Noro Silk Garden Sock. I was scrolling through my pictures last night and it hit me. This pattern would work great for the new Zauberball Crazy, Zauberball 100 and Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock. Two balls will make a shawl this size.

There are 3 patterns in the Crazy Magic Collection that all work very well with self-striping yarns.

While writing I decided that this is going to be our next KAL. Any of the three Crazy Magic patterns. I'm going to work on prizes and details this afternoon and will post tomorrow. I'm excited because if I'm doing a KAL then I need to make one as well.


Donna Burton said...


Julie Ann said...

Congratulations Julie. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog faithfully. The only one I do. And you have inspired me to knit many of the items you post about. Congratulations. And might I add .... you knit, you use a Mac, have many Apple products and you love Vegas ... and I am the same!

Diane Cooper said...

I only found your blog a couple of months ago, but I look forward to seeing your near daily posts!
COngrats, and keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - and now we understand the answer to the Ultimate Question of life, the universe and everything - #42 is Julie's Blog... Wayy hayyyy
Well done Julie!!


Candice said...

Yahoo, Julie!