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Monday, June 22, 2015

Very Bright!

Today I'm working at home. So far four boxes have been unpacked, a load of laundry done, organized the guest bathroom and bills paid. And it's just after 12:30.

With the golf on yesterday there was a lot of knitting accomplished. This shawl is going to be bright :)

My empty closet. It is being completed today by California Closets. I can't wait to have a proper walk in closet. Lots of room for shoes and sweaters.

It's later in the day and the closet is finished. Even my dad was impressed by it. The designer asked me if I wanted a drawer for jewelry. I don't have a lot of jewelry but then she mentioned glasses. 
Of course I started with shoes.

We are taking my dad out for dinner tonight. Boston Pizza and he is very happy. He wasn't leaving his TV last night. He watched the golf from start to finish.

Public Service Announcement - do not download AlphaBetty on your phone or iPad. I did that this afternoon and can't stop.

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Anne said...

Love that closet!