Thursday, June 18, 2015

Roko doesn't really like the new house :) He loves the tile floor. It is cool to lie on.
Melo loves the new TV. We were watching Disaster Decks and he loved it. I know that they say dogs can't see the TV but Melo definitely can. 
Wannietta just finished a cardigan in Classic Elite Liberty Wool
The body of this open front cardigan is worked in garter stitch, entirely on the diagonal, There is no finishing — the sleeves are picked up from the body and worked in the round to the cuff in Stockinette stitch.
The pattern is free in the store if you purchase Liberty Wool or you can purchase it on Ravelry.

I think I picked my new project. The pattern is the Greyhound Shawl by Thea Colman.

The pattern calls for sportweight yarn and I'm going to use Hat Box from Mrs. Crosby. The debate was the new purple multi or this bright multi. I think it's time to try knitting with a new colour. :)

From Thea
My latest foray into shawl design is asymmetric, and I’m hooked!

I wanted an easygoing wear-everywhere project for summer and this shawl was just the thing. The pattern is rhythmic and soothing and perfect for knitting in the car, at the beach, or sipping a cocktail poolside.

Knit in A Verb For Keeping Warm’s gorgeous Annapurna, it’s warm and soft and lightweight - the exact thing you want to throw over your shoulders when the sun goes down. And I know I’ll still be wearing this with a light jacket after Summer has passed and we go into Fall.

You can easily alter the pattern for more or less stripes, add a different lace or play with size as your stash and taste dictates. You can knit this in one color, or two, or even a whole bunch of different ones (gradient?).
Now I need someone to tell me which box has my ball winder.

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Lois Evensen said...

Love that cardigan. And, I agree about dogs watching TV. Our dogs definitely watch.