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Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Book

Since most of my yarn and needles and projects are in boxes, I started something new.

The Prospectives Cowl (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
This lovely textured cowl features a slip stitch pattern and utilizes the gradient mini skeins in the Mountain Colors perspectives kit to create stripes and subtle color changes for a fun to knit cowl! The pattern is quite easy but enough to keep you interested and changes every few rounds. 
The size of the cowl can easily be adjusted, too--so feel free to make yours bigger or smaller depending on what works for you!
The yarn is a kit from Mountain Colors. Mini skeins of Twizzle. 
85% merino
15% silk

There are 5 mini skeins in the kit - each are 45yards.

The great thing about mini skeins is that you get to knit with lots of colours. And you are finished with a colour before you get bored with it.

Lace Knits from Ann Kingston has arrived.
Though at first sight it appears incredibly complicated, you can soon learn to knit stunning lace with the help of this beautiful book. Ann's step-by-step illustrated tutorials and friendly text make mastering lace knitting skills simple, satisfying and fun. For speedy results the pattern collection includes some basic items that make ideal first lace projects.
 The patterns in the book are amazing!

It's later in the day and I did a few more rows on my cowl.

I took some kits outside to show the pictures. Sorry. I should have taken them out of the plastic bags but it looks like rain and I was trying to hurry. I will get better pictures tomorrow.
It's almost time to head home but first there is a stop at the chiropractor. My back will be very happy after I see her. Then dinner out because we haven't unpacked enough to cook yet and then bed. They are framing the house beside us and the hammers start very early in the morning.

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