Friday, June 19, 2015

It's painting day

The Perspective Cowl is growing. With the golf on yesterday and today I sat to watch and knit.

The painters arrived early this morning to paint our kitchen. While they are there they are going to paint the walls going upstairs and downstairs that got marked in the move.
The dogs were happy to see new people.
The kitchen is going to be a dark blue/green. Our cabinets are grey but with the current wall colours and lighting in the kitchen they look beige. Our hope is that the new wall colour will help. Beth is afraid that the colour will be too dark. I told her not to worry. We can always paint it again :)
We picked the greyest colour from the builders paint colours. We could have upgraded to a real grey but knew that the house would be repainted in a year so we took what we could get. There will now be accent walls in real grey. I tried to get the whole house painted this colour now but was reminded that we will have nail pops happening during the next year. Why paint twice? I know they are right but grey walls would be awesome.

I'm home now and loving the colour of the kitchen. The painting looks great.

Unfortunately I can't find my ball winder and swift so I'm going to sign off and roll a ball of yarn the old fashion way. I'm hoping Beth will be sisterly and decide to help.


Jack Bateman said...

Love the colour - navy is my fav - good choice

Lynda F. said...

I absolutely LOVE the color of your kitchen.