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Sunday, June 21, 2015


I try to blog everyday and wrote this post on Saturday. I thought that I hit publish but obviously didn't. If I get enough knitting done today there will be more pictures later. Otherwise, I'll take today off and write tomorrow.
Last night I wound a ball of Mrs. Crosby Hat Box in the new colour Hummingbird and started on the Greyhound Shawl. No ball winder? Take two chairs and put them back to back. Place the skein around the chairs and start rolling.
I love how the colour is coming out. The garter stitch section (grey on the pattern) is the multi and then I will be using Icebox Watermelon for the lace sections. I left that skein on the kitchen counter this morning and am hoping dreaming that it will be in a ball when I get home. It's not hard to wind yarn but it cuts into my knitting time.

Thea Colman (you might know her as babycocktails on Ravelry) writes a great pattern. It is easy to follow and I highly recommend knitting anything that she designs.

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