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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Home Again

I'm home and ready to get back into the store tomorrow. Here are some more pictures from the show.
I have a new leather bag from Offhand Designs. There was a debate between this one and the black/brown version but I had to go with purple.
This beautiful booth had wooden needle measures. I brought an assortment home.

Coming from Rowan.
All the colours of Freia Bulky.
Tonight was spent at the new house with our cousin Tim. He is an electrician and came to hang lights for us. We feed him and give him a beer and he is happy.
Now we need to find a kitchen table.
The appliances were delivered on Saturday while I was at the show. The new washer and dryer are very pretty. 

Two loads of laundry are finished and it's bed time. The driving was a killer. Not the distance because I do twice that far to Myrtle Beach but it was driving by myself. Usually there is someone to talk to. I had to make more stops than usual to get out and walk for a few minutes and wake myself up. Next June the show is in Washington DC and Beth has already said she is coming along. Not to see the show but to see Washington. I went in grade 8 but she hasn't been before.


Jack Bateman said...

Will you have these for sale in the store? If so, how much and when - I would love one or two of them.

Julie said...

The needle measures should be in the store on Saturday. I believe that they will be around $10-$20 depending on the size.