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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


There is a new shawl pattern from Classic Elite called Wavelength - you can purchase it on Ravelry...

This crescent shawl has a center wedge of lace flanked by garter stitch wings and is finished with a lower lace border.
I have shown the version knit in Bella Lino. You can also make a slightly smaller version in fingering weight yarn.

I just got a really fuzzy phone call from my parents. They are in Glacier Bay today. Beth and I loved that day on the ship. We were up early to see us enter the bay. I mean early - about 5am which isn't that early because the sun comes up at 4am. I think we took hundreds of pictures that day. Seeing the glaciers calve was amazing.

Look what Canada Post brought me. A little treat from SweetGeorgia yarns.
Of course the first skein is rolled into a ball and the pattern is printed. I'm going to start Magmatic Boom tonight.
15 rows are complete. I love the yarn. The pattern is very well written. I'm not sure why but right now I find it easier to read the written words than follow a chart. Most of my life I swore by charts but I think that wearing glasses has changed me. Now it's time to get back to it. A holiday tomorrow means that I can sleep in.

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