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Friday, May 08, 2015


Meet Woodstock. Another new tosh colour. Not exactly the colour that I think of when you say Woodstock (tie dye seems more appropriate) but it is a really great colour. There is a touch of rusty gold and yellow green.

I came to work early to water the flowers and I'm totally soaked. Thank goodness I have an hour to dry off before we open. That was my first OOPS of the day. The next is that I forgot my knitting. And there is no knitting started in the store. I know that I mentioned something new but I wasn't prepared for it today.

It's later in the day and I found something to knit. No, I didn't start anything new. I had some yarn for my CustomFit cardigan here so I started the back. I don't think there is anyway that I can get it finished in two weeks for TNNA but I will have it ready to wear this summer.

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