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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Read the pattern!!!

That title has been used before but if I would take my advice life would be much better.

I finished Clue #3 last night on Follow Your Arrow and started on #4. Ysolda wrote this in the pattern so I was going to choose the easy route and go with Clue B.

Note that 4A is significantly more challenging than 4B but does introduce some variation to the shape of the shawl. If you’re new to following complicated directions you may prefer to stick to option B. 

Beth told me not to be so lazy and do A. A is what I'm working on. Row 1 went fine. No problems with row 2. Then row 3. It said to work until 6 stitches before the marker but I didn't have 6 stitches. I counted and counted and my stitches were fine. I reread row 2 and that was fine. Then after about 15 minutes it hit me. I read row 2 wrong and my markers were in the wrong spot. Arghhh! Now I'm back on track and row 8 is finished.

I'm not sure why I was questioning the pattern. There are 3400 projects on Ravelry. I'm sure if there was a problem with it someone would have made note of it before now. :)

It's official. The Sold Sign went up yesterday. Because we are a townhouse with a condo corporation the buyers have to make sure that the reserve fund is okay and that there aren't any lawsuits against the corporation or Beth and I. The report came back clean and the next chapter can start.

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