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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I received an email today from Knitter's Pride. Good news. We will have new sets of needles this fall.

Our new Marblz sets will be available in the following options: DPN, Normal Interchangeable & Special Interchangeable. 
Made from special grade of acrylic material and offered in a riot of colors. Light and easy on hands, suitable for both new & more experienced knitters that like a smooth surface.

Special Interchangeable are shorter tips so that you can make 40cm (16") circular needles.

The doors in our kitchen came back today. They had to be repainted and I'm happy with how they look now. I was there at 9am and thankfully the installer was there by 9:30. Not too much knitting time but not a lot of waiting time.
Austin came today and weeded the flower bed. It is looking so much better now. I wasn't happy with the amount of yellow we had last week.

Now it's rest time. My body isn't very happy with me tonight. I haven't golfed since January and now I have a few sore muscles.

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