Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ikat with Laura Bryant

My class today was awesome.
We were working with hand dyed yarns and finding your magic number. This number allows you to do awesome things in knitting.

I had to zoom in for this picture so it looks a little murky but trust me, the swatches were amazing.
Ikat dyed yarns have two sections of creme separated by two sections of colour.
This is my first swatch. The colour sequence is creme (undyed), blue, creme and a different blue. I have already found my magic number and am knitting to show how a pattern comes out.

My swatch later in the class. The beginning was garter stitch and then I changed to stocking stitch in the creme and reverse stocking stitch for the blue. Laura thought that I was knitting a bit loose so I've changed needles and am going a bit further before I start a wrap.

These beautiful planters are all around the convention centre. Very bright and pretty.

This picture is for Beth. I went for a drive after class and there was a Sonic. If you don't know Sonic, it is a drive in. Think back in time with people bringing out your food on roller skates. Now they do it on roller blades.

It was a long day and now it's bed time. 6 hours in a class room is a long time for me. I have my father's genes - we don't sit well. We need to be moving. 

Tomorrow is shopping day. Crate and Barrel. Pottery Barn. Restoration Hardware. Cheesecake Factory. Good thing I came in Beth's truck and not my mustang.

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