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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Birthday

It's my mom's birthday today. We aren't talking numbers anymore. :) Beth and I got off lucky today. Darlene planned a family barbecue so we didn't have to plan a party. Thanks Dar!!

It's now Sunday. 

That was the start of yesterday's post. Then we went to the barbecue and had a great time. So many laughs that our stomachs hurt. We got home late and I really didn't feel like writing. I knit instead.

This morning I blocked Ley Lines #1 and it's pinned out downstairs.

Ley Lines #2 is almost to the cast off. I added rows to the shawl and am now playing the 'do I have enough to add one more section or is time to start casting off?' I think it's getting to the cast off so I will be starting that in seven rows. Why is the cast off an issue? It is done gradually. Four stitches every wrong side row. Judging the amount of yarn required is really a guess.
Tomorrow we are supposed to be golfing. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain. We'll see in the morning if it's a golfing or knitting day.


Irene said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom, love your knitting.

Lois Evensen said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!! :)