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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dirty Hippie

An email came from Freia Fibers this morning about new colours being introduced at TNNA. I have already ordered them. I know that I don't need to see them in person - they look good in the picture and will be even better live. 

There is another reason for ordering early. It takes time for dyers to dye their yarn. The first order in is the first one done. I hope I beat the rush :)

These colours will be coming in Bulky and Fingering weight. 
Dirty Hippie is a fun color in saturated jewel tones. The color is slightly deeper and more muted than other "rainbow" colorways becoming a somewhat unexpected and much more sophisticated blend. This Ombré yarn transitions from cerulean to garnet, red into an overly saturated dark orange and finally to a quiet and deep mustard.
Dirty Hippie is really calling my name. I'm thinking of using the fingering weight to make an Auburn Wave. What a way to wake up an outfit.
Ember is an elegant combination of ultra-bright colors with more muted hues. The passionate red and deep coral balance out the darkening shades of masculine taupe and pewter creating a very wearable palette. This colorway would look just as good for a simple accessory as it would used in a larger more complex sweater or coat.
Lucas is both the creation and namesake of one of our guest designers, Sara Lucas. Inspired by the verdant nature of her hometown of Corvallis in Oregon, Sara selected shades of greens and deep brown-blacks with some lighter accents to create this gorgeous unisex colorway. Our aim is to create colorways that withstand the whims of fashion and folly and this color is no different, these classic colors are truly timeless.

Nautilus is a beautiful delicate palette in shades of porcelain pink and tans grounded by a dark and engulfing navy . This colorway is universally flattering and both sophisticated and sweet - we see it being used in so many different patterns.
Kim Hargreaves new book, Echoes, is arriving in the US tomorrow. We should have it in about 10 days.
Let watery hues transport you to a place of calm, delightful relaxation. Influenced by a blend of diverese elements the collection plays with stripes, from subtle ticking to crisp cabled bands, while soft flounces and sheer knitted fabrics fit perfectly with a soft summer breeze letting you drift away to a state of bliss.

Very Kim. Very pretty.

Ley Lines #1 has been blocked. Pictures tomorrow. I've started the cast off of Ley Lines #2. There should be lots of knitting tonight. The finale of Survivor. Normally by this point you have a good idea about who is going to be in the final two. Not this season. It will be interesting to see who switches sides tonight.

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