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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

tosh happiness

Lynn sorted through the tosh shipment this morning and brought over some big bags of yarn. This is always a bad day for me (or good depending on how you look at it). The colours are so pretty that I have to take some home and start a new project.

In the store we have
-Twist Light - the new sock yarn. We received 25 yummy colours.
-sock in new colours and old favourites
-pashmina - new colours and colours that we were sold out of
-ASAP - lots of great colours on the shelf

Over the next few days we will get vintage, dk, merino dk and merino.

I'm home and look what happened. A skein of pashmina is wound. The colour is dachshund - I can't get enough of this colour.
I considered making another Auburn Wave but then I remembered that I have it started in merino light in this colour. I told you that I liked it. I'm going to make Brickless.

After dinner I cast on and I've made it through the first pattern sequence. Why the funny angle? No shadows.
I'm going to keep going as I wait for Game of Homes. The bathroom tonight. This should be interesting.

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