Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Longest Day

The new Twist Collective is out and there is a great article on the Provisional Cast-On...
Unlike a standard cast-on, which is intended to permanently secure the stitches at their base, a provisional cast-on is temporary.
The patterns in this issue are amazing - shawls, sweaters and even a kids section. You can purchase them from Twist Collective or you can purchase the patterns on Ravelry (and then they will be in your Ravelry library)

I am in love with tosh pashmina. There hasn't been a lot of knitting time so I don't have pictures of my shawl but here are a few suggestions if you want to knit with the yarn.
Pattern: Rosa (free on Ravelry)
2-3 skeins of pashmina
Pattern: Shalimar (purchased on Ravelry)
3 skeins of pashmina
Lace and cables combine to create beautiful curves in this lace stole. A luxury blend of yarn makes this a truly opulent knit.

Today is the longest day. We are ready to pack the van and head to Toronto but it's too early to do that. The store is a mess. I'm set to go. Now I have to wait. And think. Did I pack everything I need? Samples? Kits? Patterns? Bags? Display items? Brochures? And the to do list starts to get long. But I'm working so I can't do running around. Then there is the biggest question. Will everything fit into the van? I can't wait until tomorrow when we get on the road.

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Jessica said...

I can't wait to see your pictures from the Frolic!