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Monday, April 27, 2015


I'm back to my knitting. Clue #2 of Follow Your Arrow is done.

So far I am following the A stream. Clue 3 has been started since my pictures and I ended up doing A again.

We had some great news last week. Our townhouse finally sold. It's been a long haul. Getting up every morning and cleaning the house isn't something I wish on my worst enemy. Makeup and hair products away. Bed made with the 10 throw pillows (who thought that was a good idea). Wipe the granite counters and sink. Clean the hardwood. Make sure dirty laundry is in the hampers. The house shone for 6 months. Today not so much. Now we just have to get our new house in order. We've had possession for a month but there are issues. I'm not going to go into them all but we've had the fireplace redone. A wall knocked down and redone. Today we met with the builder about our tile floor. The house has been painted 3 times already and then need to paint it again. Everything will work out. Just not fast enough for me. We don't have to move right away so we are getting the new house in order before the moving truck comes.

Today was a shopping trip to Urban Barn. There was a sale on living room furniture. We bought a special chair for the loft. This is going to cause a fight!
For a snuggle or a snooze, this chair invites and delights, providing a nest-like retreat for one or two. No-sag springs and reinforcement provide extra support while three plump cushions and a toss pillow surround your private sanctuary.
The perfect chair to read or play on the iPad. In quiet. It will fit a human and a dog. Now you see where the fight begins. Which human and which dog?

Now I need to go finish my tax return. Nobody wants to keep the taxman waiting.


Lynda said...

Congratulations on selling your townhouse. You must be really looking forward to summer in your new house.

Candice said...

Love that chair! Get two!

Linda said...

Congrats! Nice to have that wrapped up! Yep, getting two chairs seems a sensible thing to do.