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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Happy Day

Today was a happy day. I visited Trish and have new hair. It's been far too many weeks since I last saw her. Now I'm at home with the dogs (It's 3pm as I am writing this part of my post). I left them too long yesterday and they weren't happy. While I'm working Beth called from the car. They have left the golf because it was too hot. Dad was afraid that one of them was going to get sick from sitting in the sun with no breeze. 32 the car says. I told them not to complain - it's really cold and rainy here.

I received a notification from UPS. The new Dream in Color Jilly Lace Mini Skein bundles should be in the store late tomorrow afternoon.
From Dream in Color
Your search for the perfect spring accessory has ended! We are offering kits to make this fabulous scarf in our wonderful Jilly Lace. Check with your shop owner to make sure they will be coming soon. Two color collections are available (this is the warm option).
I have been emailing with Fleece Artist and the Soft Mitt kits will be coming soon. Fleece Artist has been out of the mohair and it just arrived.
The mittens are knit holding a strand of mohair with a strand of wool. They are super warm. It might be the wrong time of year but we have to grab the kits while we can. When they arrive I will blog with pictures of the kits.

It's later in the day and I'm writing before heading to bed. There wasn't any knitting tonight. The big dog (aka Melo) wasn't a happy dog. He was shaking and wanted to sit in my lap. The first problem was Survivor. There is something about the music that gets him upset. I also checked the weather and it says that we might have thunder storms tonight so he is wearing his thunder shirt. I think he is happy now.
It's a good thing that I didn't want to sit on the couch.

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