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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Changed my mind

I started on Brickless with my tosh pashmina last week. I love the yarn. I love the pattern. But I don't like the yarn and the pattern together. I think it is my knitting so instead of continuing and hating it I changed patterns. I should have started with this from the beginning. I've been dreaming about knitting it for a long time.

Follow Your Arrow by Ysolda. This isn't a new pattern - it came out in January 2014. I bought the pattern when it was released and should have knit it then. It has intrigued me.
In need of some fun, selfish knitting after the holidays? Get ready for the first mystery knitalong from Ysolda, with a choose your own adventure style twist. There are five clues, and every clue will come with two options either of which builds perfectly from whichever you choose previously. The result is 32 possible combinations – a really mysterious adventure. In addition, it has been designed to work equally well in a solid colour or in stripes of two colours and instructions for both options are included.
Ysolda writes a great pattern that is very easy to follow.

For the first clue I chose A. The good thing about waiting to start is that it isn't a mystery any more. I have looked at finished projects and know the sequences that I like.

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