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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Which project today??

I'm home from church and waiting for the Nascar race to start. The big decision - what project am I going to knit on today??

Here are the four choices. I laid them out hoping to help my decision.
On the left is Ley Lines in Malabrigo sock. I'm very close to where the pattern says to start casting off. Then there is a decision. The pattern calls for 950 yards and I have 1200 yards. How much bigger can I make it and not run out of yarn? I hate having yarn left over so I want to use up as much as possible. Normally that is easy to figure out but Ley Lines is gently cast off. 4 stitches every wrong side row. This will add about 50 rows to the shawl. Go too far and not enough yarn - that really isn't an option.

In the middle is my Come Together kit from Classic Elite. Easy knitting. I might save that for House of Cards later tonight. We only made it through one episode of the new season last night. We started the episode and had questions so we re-watched the last episode from the previous season. Now the new season is making sense.

On the right is Ley Lines in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk Single. I just made it into the 4th section.

I think it will be Ley Lines on the left. I really want to finish the shawl.

It's much later and I'm ready for some sleep. I knit this afternoon (on none of the above projects - more on that later this week - it's a surprise right now until the yarn for the store arrives) while watching the golf and car race. Beth and I made it through two more episodes of House of Cards before calling it a night. One of us has to say 'enough' or we would still be watching when it is time to go to work in the morning.

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