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Sunday, February 08, 2015

A day of knitting

When the day looks like this there are only a couple of things to do
The first is to bake cookies. When the crew comes to shovel the driveway I have treats. Trust me, our driveway is done first and the best.

Then the next thing to do is knit.

It's really late now and I did a lot of knitting today. My picture isn't very good because I was rushing so that I can post and get to bed. The shawl is going to need a good blocking when done so that the ribs stretch out. I'm going to pin it onto a mannequin tomorrow so that we (you and I) can get a better idea of what it is going to look like when finished.
The snow was pretty none existent here this afternoon but it's picked up now. I will need to do some cleaning of the truck in the morning. I better hit publish and get to bed. I have a feeling it will be an early morning.

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