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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Twisted Donuts

Twisted Donuts is an easy knit in worsted weight yarn, customizable as a stole, scarf or cowl.
The pattern is comprised of two separate cables representing donuts, éclairs and c
Gauge: is not important for this project.
Yarn: Madelintosh Vintage or similar worsted weight Scarf: adult length 800 yards
Cowl or Child's scarf : 600 yards 

A customer (cdninswe on Ravelrycame in with this amazing scarf and asked if we would be interested in the pattern for the store. Of course we would be!
The green scarf is knit in tosh vintage. The colour is jade which we are out of but there are many great greens in the store.
The purple/blue cowl is also knit in tosh vintage - clematis. I really want the cowl! The decision will be the colour.
The multi coloured scarf is knit in double strand tosh merino light in every one's favourite colour - spectrum.
We're working out the pricing of the pattern now but I wanted to share the amazing pictures right away. I will have the pattern in the store when we open again on Tuesday. Tomorrow if Family Day in Ontario and we will be closed.

Dinner last night was great. A lot of money was raised for Honduras. We got home around 10:30 and watched two episodes of House of Cards. We were both too wound up to sleep. House of Cards ended and I asked Beth to flip to the Olympics to see how the men's curling was going. The skiing was on the channel that she flipped to and we were up for a few hours watching. Then we had to watch the end of the curling so it was 3am before I laid down. The bad part was that I was so tired I couldn't knit.


Anonymous said...

That pattern is beautiful. I'm from MI can the pattern only be purchased in your store?
Very sad for me that I don't live closer to you!

Theresa in MI

Julie said...

Yes, it can only be purchased in my store.

It will be available on Ravelry at some point - I don't want to promise a date yet.

You're going to have to make a road trip one day :)

Anonymous said...

Julie, you are very right about a rode trip. It is my plans in the future! I read your blog daily and so enjoy it. How great your sister is now knitting with you. You sure a great supporter of her knitting. I have three sisters and none have an interest. But, Mom does and that's fun!

Theresa from MI