Saturday, February 08, 2014


Ms. Canada Post left a box from Lynda yesterday.

Pattern: Sul from the Classic Elite Magazine Oceanside
Yarn: Classic Elite Bella Lino
An easy-to-knit cardigan with short fitted sleeves.    
Bella Lino is a lightweight yarn that creates an airy fabric with long, harmonious stripes. The palette of summery shades each have a linen-hued base. 
58% linen, 26% viscose, 16% cotton.
It's the summer of linen - we have lots in the store with more coming.

My Olympic sweater is growing. I was up at 3:30am to watch Slopestyles. Then back for a short nap and at work by 9:30. It's been busy in the store which is a good thing but there hasn't been any knitting. I think that I need to sleep after work though. Men's downhill comes on at 2am. I don't like to see events after I know the results. I want to see them live - it's a thing in our family. We were all up this morning to watch the snowboarding.

Have you noticed at the bottom of my posts there is an icon that says "Print Friendly"? If you want to print out a post (or something from a post) click on the button. It will get rid of headings and sidebars and the things you don't really need.

It's 10pm and I totally forgot to finish my post. My sweater is at 16". Lots of progress tonight (except for the time ripping out Beth's knitting - more on that tomorrow). Three more inches and I get to start the armholes. I'm off to bed. 2am is going to come quickly.

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