Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Snow Day part 2

I'm not a good sit at home and relax kind of person. I've cleaned the kitchen, run the dishwasher, done a load of laundry and blocked my cowl.
 Here is the 11am shot. Just so you don't think I'm nuts. It is really coming down.
The dogs are loving it outside. Every few minutes they are at the back door wanting to go out. Unfortunately they are bringing in a lot of snow.
This is the 12:30 picture.
It's 5:30 and Beth just went out to clean off the truck.
I know that there are many places in North America that have seen a lot more snow than us this winter, and I'm not really complaining, but we've had our snow now and spring can come.

The only good thing about the day was that I accomplished a lot on my Bella Lino cardigan. Plus we found a new TV show on Netflix. House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. We're 5 episodes in and really enjoying it. Now it's time to get a few more episodes in before the finale of Top Chef.

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Kim said...

House of Cards is excellent, and a new season is just about ready! I can't wait. Have you seen Orange is the New Black too? It's like watching a train wreck.