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Sunday, February 09, 2014


Yes, we were up at 2am to watch the skiing. The Canadian skiers could have done better but they could have done worse :)

Here is my sweater when I went back to bed at 8am. I made it to the armholes.
The goal is to get the back finished tonight.
Beth's cowl. There have been a few challenges. The pattern is not the best written pattern ever made. Actually, it is pretty bad and wrong. I spent about an hour on Friday night figuring it out. Got it fixed and the changes sent to Cathy and Lynn. Beth got through the first section and decided that she didn't like how the floats looked. We I ripped it back a few rows and she went at it again. Then she dropped her stitch marker off the needle which caused her pattern to be out by one stitch. I ripped out another row for her. She's back on track. Thank goodness because I don't have time to be working on her knitting and mine. With their challenge she can only knit when Canada wins a medal. She has 45 minutes in knitting time saved up for later tonight.

After looking at my handy dandy Sochi 2014 app from CBC on my iPad I have decided that tomorrow morning I will sleep in until 6am. Women's Alpine Skiing starts at 2am with the downhill section but I don't think I can do another 2am wake up call. I'll watch it at 6am with the Slalom portion. We also have Short Track Speed Skating starting at 4:45 with heats. The Men's 1500m Finals are at 7:05. The Speed Skating starts at 8am. It's going to be a busy morning with Curling, Hockey, Freestyle Skiing and Biathlon as well. By the time I get to work I should could have a sleeve cast on and the ribbing finished.

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