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Monday, February 03, 2014


A new project has been started in the store. And it wasn't by me. :)
Cathy mentioned the pattern and Kim jumped all over it.

Rosa (free on Ravelry) knit in sport weight. Kim is using pashmina in grenadine.
Other option are tosh sport, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport, Lorna's Laces Sportmate and Classic Elite Fresco.

What a great project to knit during the Olympics. You can knit without having to pay attention to what you are knitting. No counting rows. No shaping. Perfect.
We have a basket started for food for the Food Drive. Thanks to those who came in today and got us going. Don't know what I'm talking about? Take a look here....

I'm still in the store because Nadine is teaching tonight. Teaching in the clean/tidied up/organized class room. Some of the ladies have been downstairs for workshops before and were amazed at the difference. While she's teaching I'm casting on the back of my Bella Lino cardigan. The front isn't quite done yet but I forgot the other front at home. I want to make sure they are the same number of rows before I cast off. I have learned the hard way (very hard way) to make sure the pieces are the same.  The class is going well. The ladies are working on different projects and are learning many, many different techniques. Casting on a new way that might be better than what they were doing, working on double pointed needles, knitting in the round for the first time, cables, reading a chart and provisional cast on. And this is only the first week.

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