Sunday, December 15, 2013

Who holds your pattern?

Beth invented a new pattern holder today. Now she's trying to figure out how to market it.
Melo laid there for at least an hour. Beth would pick up the paper, set the paper down and cross off rows on his back but he never moved.
While it was snowing yesterday she started on a few Christmas presents. The pattern is her creation... One skein of Misti Handpaint Chunky on 8mm, 60cm needles.
She is in love with Josh Bennett's tip. I talked about this before (not sure if it was a blog post or newsletter) but in case you missed it - when working in the round, with interchangeable needles, use one size smaller tip for your left hand needle. The stitches slide off that needle easier and it helps you to knit a bit faster. She has an 8mm tip on the right needle and 6.5mm tip on the left needle.
I finally got a picture of my shawl in natural light. I'm into the D&E section. There's still some football and then the finale of Survivor. I might make my goal. It will depend on how compelling Survivor is.


Linda said...

I'd buy one...or two! And yep, way too much snow. Those things would sell themselves!

Brenda said...

I buy that pattern holder in a second! I bet it doubles as a nice heater too. :D

Sue T. said...

I can't see Melo being sold! You guys are just too attached :)