Sunday, December 29, 2013

Small Freak Out

Last night I decided to block Windward that I knit in Lorna's Laces Sportmate. I really need a blocking room. The shawl is so long that I have it doubled over to fit in my bathroom.
San Diego will be here in two weeks and if I'm taking it I need it to look good. Then I started to think about what else I was going to take. Where is my All the Shades of Truth in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock? I looked in my closet and couldn't find it. Not surprising as my closet is a mess. After a small freak out and lots of searching it was folded nicely on the sweater rack. Who would look there?? What a relief. I thought that maybe I left it in Vegas. While going through my closet I found a few other sweaters that I forgot about. Yay me!

I was writing a blog post for TNNA about getting ready for San Diego and talked about going to the zoo. I started looking for zoo pictures in my photos. Here is a great one.
The polar bears are awesome. I went to the zoo on a trip to San Diego before Beth started coming to the show. I made my friends Bev and Karen go with me. They didn't want to go to the zoo but I insisted. We sat and watched them play for at least 2 hours. At the end of the day Bev and Karen thanked me for making them go. On Beth's first trip to San Diego she went to the zoo on her own. I think she spent even longer at the polar bears. They play in the water and wrestle. You can sit outside and watch them play or you can go underground and watch through a glass wall to see them play in the water. We will start there in case they are sleeping. Then we can come back later in the day. Knowing Beth we'll have to go back even if they were playing in the morning.

All of a sudden a few pictures have come through from my mom in Myrtle Beach. One was sent December 19 and one on December 26. Weird but I'm not going to hurt myself figuring out the problem. :)
My mom is loving the task that we gave to my dad. He is out lots leaving her to rest or quilt or knit or do whatever she wants. My dad is a restless person who needs to be on the go at all times.

She wants us to find 'the next thing' that my dad can go searching for.
We are going to have lots of great display items for the store. And the Frolic booth is going to look awesome. Beth has come up with some great ideas. And we might start getting yarn to make samples in January. It's still super secret. We might not be able to talk about the yarn until it debuts at the Frolic.

It's almost football time. I have a bit of housework and laundry to do before I sit on the couch all afternoon knitting.

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Irene said...

Great finds, are you sure your dad wouldn't like another daughter, I'm available.