Friday, December 20, 2013

Rowan Silkystones

I'm very excited about Rowan's new yarn Silkystones.

The garments from the Silkystones Collection are awesome. But if you aren't fond of them the yarn can be knit with many other patterns. It knits to a tension of 20 stitches to 4".

The suitcase/trunk/hat box saga continues. I still can't get the pictures from mom so we are waiting until she gets home. There is something set wrong on her iPad and it's hard to work through it when we are in different countries :) I know that they bought more today. They are having a lot of fun visiting the antique stores. I don't think that my dad has ever visited an antique store until this week. He's finding lots of interesting things. Nothing to buy (other than suitcases) but he's having fun looking.


Trina said...

Beautiful! When is it coming?

Julie said...

The yarn and magazine should be in the store by the end of January.