Thursday, December 05, 2013

Last Minute Gift Ideas

I finished!
Pattern: Lovely from Rowan's The Amore Collection
Yarn: 4 balls of Rowan Kidsilk Amore

I think that you could get away with 3 balls for this. It is really long. I've wrapped it three times around my friend's neck.

It will be here before we know it. Christmas. Do you need to buy something for a knitter but aren't sure what to get? Here are some great needle cases from Della Q.

This is the Tri Fold Circular Needle Case.
The tri-fold circular cases allows multiple needles to be stored in each pocket. Labeled from 2 US (2.75 mm) to 15 US (10 mm), plus five unlabeled pockets.
Open: 14.25" wide x 16" high 
Closed 5" wide x 11" high 

And a little video from Della showing you the inside of the case.

DPN and Circular Needle Case
Our newly redesigned DPN and circular case holds one complete set of DPNs and multiple sets of circulars. There are unlabeled pockets for any extra DPNs or circulars. Quad-fold design securely holds your needles. Includes two small zip pockets for notions.

My dad has been in Honduras for the past 10 days and gets home late tonight. He's probably in the airport in Atlanta right now. He was excited about a 3 hour layover there. It means they get to sit down and have a steak dinner and a beer. There wasn't much of that on the trip. Beth and the dogs moved in with my mom while he was away. It was easier with their dog Tui. Tui is old and a bit crotchety and likes to be walked when it suits her. This way Beth could be at her beck and call. :)

I realized today that we are heading to San Diego in just over a month. This is to see the new yarns and accessories for spring. Normally I knit something new to wear for a show. I haven't even thought of it until now. I've been looking through my pattern library trying to figure out what I can get done in time. YIKES!!

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